Lakeside United Methodist Church

​​Lakeside United
Methodist Church

Where children of all ages are welcome!

Sunday Services

8 am  Bible Study
9 am  Worship Service
10:15 am Sunday School for both Adults
and Children

Bible Studies

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Pictured here are Charlie Ray and Van Wagnon, two of our Carpenters for Christ.  These men in our congregaton are very active helping those who need it.  Do you need a ramp to get in and out of your house? Have a problem getting something fixed?  These guys find it in their hearts to help those in need.  These are only two of the caring individuals that come here to Lakeside UMC.  Come worship with us and find out why Lakeside is so special!
Children of all ages are welcome at Lakeside United Methodist Church! We have bible study for children and adults, plus a riveting sermon each week just for children!